Our Moving Services - Arizona Moving Specialist
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Our Moving Services

Hassle Free Moving

Packing and moving probably isn’t your favorite thing, but it’s ours!

Moving to a home in your dream neighborhood, starting a new business location or accepting a great job in an entirely different state are great steps in life that can make moving a very exciting time. Unfortunately, the stress of packing, storing and moving can become overwhelming and rob you of the enjoyment these opportunities deserve. Our caring team of moving professionals is looking forward to helping you with your next step. Let us do all the heavy lifting for your move and let you enjoy what lies ahead!

We proudly provide the following services:

Local Moves

AZ Moving Specialist offers both residential and commercial moving services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas including Tempe, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Sun City, and more.

Long-Distance Moves

Wherever your next step takes you we are happy to help you accomplish your move stress-free. Our convenient options of services will ensure that you and your belongings are taken care of with 100% satisfaction as our main goal. We happily handle long distance moves across the United States.

Pick Up & Deliveries

Simply need some help moving a few new things to your existing home? Unique moves or small jobs are no problem for AZ Moving Specialist. From moving an upright piano to the 3rd floor without an elevator to your newest piece of artwork, we can handle figuring out the logistics of any tough move.

Storage Services

Whether you are in a transitional phase between houses or you’re tackling remodeling and renovations on your existing home you may have a need to store some of your belongings. Let us provide the storage of these items so you can focus your energy where it needs to be focused.

Packing & Unpacking Services

You never realize how many things you have to pack until you start packing until you find yourself overwhelmed with the moving process. When you hire us for your packing or unpacking needs you won’t have to worry about meeting a move-out or move-in deadline because our experience helps us operate with great efficiency to ensure that your items are safe and protected.

Are you looking for a moving service you don’t see listed here?

Give us a call or contact us so we can determine your unique needs and see if we still might be the company for you.