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Questions to Ask Your Movers When Relocating

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Questions to Ask Your Movers When Relocating

While relocating to a new city is exciting, it can also be very hectic. It’s not always possible to ask friends and family for assistance and trying to complete everything on your own is practically impossible. If you choose the appropriate mover, hiring a professional moving company can ease your relocation process. You want a reasonable price, assurance that your goods will be secure, and prompt delivery. You have chosen which moving company to use after doing your homework and gathering quotations. Before moving day arrives, ask your expert mover the following questions.

  • Who is my primary point of contact while I relocate?

Make sure you have your customer service coordinator’s contact information so you can check in and let them know if there are any changes on your end. Obtaining the driver’s phone number is also a very good idea in case you need to get in touch with them personally to discuss loading or delivery concerns. Last but not least, be sure to request an after-hours contact in case an emergency arises after 5 p.m. or on the weekend and you need to speak with someone straight immediately.

  • Are there any fees in addition to the written estimate?

The majority of movers will give you a detailed written estimate of all the costs you will face. Make sure you carefully read this paper so that you are aware of what is and is not included. For instance, some movers charge extra because empty box collection is not included in their quoted prices. Ask your relocation specialist or customer service coordinator to explain anything on the moving estimate that you are unclear about. At Arizona Moving Specialists there are no hidden charges. Everything is agreed upon before your move!

  • When can I expect my possessions to be delivered?

Waiting days or weeks for your stuff to arrive at your new house is the last thing you want to do. When your items will arrive, your moving company ought to be able to tell you with reasonable certainty. Once your things are loaded, the driver should be able to give you a more precise delivery date after giving you a delivery window. 

Choose Arizona Moving Specialists to handle all your moving needs. All that is left to do is pack up everything and transport it to your new town when you are ready to start a new life there. Self-reliance is a misery. It’s difficult to ask friends and family for assistance. On the other hand, working with a pro mover can be simple and painless. We recognize how crucial it is for you to have complete faith in your movers. We can tell you that we are equipped, eager, and able to offer you first-rate moving services. Call us right away!