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Delivery & Pick Up – Big or Small, We can Handle It

Simply need some help moving a few new things to your existing home? Unique moves or small jobs are no problem for AZ Moving Specialist. From moving an upright piano to the 3rd floor without an elevator to your newest piece of artwork, we can handle figuring out the logistics of any tough move. Our professional movers will ensure that your item is delivered intact, by properly protecting it with our wrapping supplies.

We can help if you recently bought a big or bulky item but don’t know how to transport it to your house or office. Our highly experienced movers will pick up your item, load it into our trucks, and bring it wherever it needs to go as part of our AZ Moving Specialist pickup and delivery service.

This service is excellent for picking up and delivering furniture, delivering appliances, and delivering any other large or bulky item. With our local pickup and delivery service, you can avoid the stress of bringing heavy items home while still receiving the same high level of customer service as with a typical house move.

From couches to tanning beds, exercise equipment, commercial ranges, commercial refrigerators, display cases, and more – our trustworthy movers can take the stress out of purchasing large items and provide you with the peace of mind that your new purchase will arrive to your home safely.

We want to be your movers!

Give us a chance, and we will not disappoint you. We rely of repeat customers and future referrals and will work hard to earn your respect and recognition. Let us prove you that made the best choice! Contact us today by filling out our contact form below and one of our expert movers will be in touch.


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