Winter Visitors utilizing Arizona Moving Specialist

Many warmer locations start to see an influx of what we warmly call “Winter Visitors” — people who temporarily live in our Sonoran Desert to avoid snow and frigid temperatures from their home state.

Arizona Moving Specialist moves furniture to and from storage units for temporary visitors.

We understand that many people have two households.  And when you are not living in one, it is understandable to put your furniture in storage to protect it while you are away.  That’s where we can help.  Our professional crews can pack and unpack your things and bring them to you during your stay.  When you are ready to leave our famous dry heat, we can pack everything up and store it in a secure storage facility.

Even if you decide you want to purchase furniture or equipment out here, our teams of professionals can pick it up and assemble it in your desired location.

We want you to feel comfortable trusting our professional teams with your furniture and belongs.  Our reputation is to carefully pack and protect your things and move them with care.