Planning on moving during the holidays? Here are some tips to make it a little less stressful:

☑ Avoid hosting an event during your move. Regardless if you host a family dinner every year, it would save you added stress plus you can continue to pack non-essentials.
☑ Include your new address in your Christmas or holiday cards. Even if you don’t normally send out cards, this is a great time to do so. It may feel a little old school, but who doesn’t enjoy receiving one?
☑ When moving with young children, emphasize that Santa knows where your new house is. Moving anytime during the year with children can cause them stress as well. Reassure them that even though you are moving, your family and friends will still know how to reach them. (Perhaps have them help with the Christmas cards?)
☑ Call Arizona Moving Specialist now to schedule a low-stress, high-quality move! Once you are on our schedule, you will feel relief knowing our professional movers will take care of your things during transit.